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The Website for Young Marines is the brain child of retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant BJ Chadduck. BJ is a plank owner and former Commanding Officer of the El Toro Young Marines located in California. BJ currently resides in Oak Harbor Washington on Whidbey Island.

The Website for Young Marines is NOT affiliated with any particular Young Marine unit and is not financially supported by the United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps League, Young Marines, nor any other component of the Department of Defense, Marine Corps League, or Young Marines and none of them has approved, endorsed, or authorized the content publicized on this website.

I saw a need for a comprehensive website and I created it for the enjoyment and/or benefit of all that visit the website. I am not trying to usurp the authority of the program nor am I trying to state that other websites are insignifcant. Any and all websites that publish information about this worthy program are needed.

In closing, the Website for Young Marines is for everyone. If anyone has additions, deletions, corrections, or modifications PLEASE email me with those items.

BJ Chadduck

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